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Advanced call centre management solutions

KSL Connect strives to provide all the technical services necessary to run an efficient call centre as profitably as possible. Based in the UK, the experienced team works with call centres all over the world, giving them the robust services needed for success at a cost-effective price.

From small lead generation firms to multi-site call centres, KSL Connect provides a tailored approach that can be adapted to meet the requirements of any type or size of business.

KSL Connect services

The company offers two cloud-based products: the standard VICIDIAL Contact Centre Suite and a bespoke version. The latter features a unique auto dialling user interface which helps users work more productively and provides excellent visibility over call centre operations. Consultancy and training services are also available. Find out more

Why choose KSL Connect?

  • Communicate effectively with their customers
  • Boost productivity and increase sales
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their customer base
  • Manage multiple calling campaigns efficiently
  • Monitor agent activity and track performance against targets
  • Train staff to enhance their customer-handling skills
  • Achieve targets by providing expert support and advice