About KSL Connect

Why KSL Connect is different

The KSL Connect team has decades of experience of working with call centre owner-operators, managers and technical teams around the globe. Over the years, the team has developed a wealth of expertise which is used to provide the exact products and services, advice and ongoing support required by each business.

KSL Connect enjoys a great reputation in the telecoms industry for providing fast technical support. Working in line with customer targets, the team is available 24/7 to provide phone and onsite support to maximise uptime and keep call centres running efficiently and at a profit.

The customer promise

KSL Connect operates a system of core values to guarantee that their customers receive industry-leading call centre management solutions.

  • Quality

KSL Connect pride themselves on the quality of customer service and technical support provided. The team are dedicated to making sure all their customers are 100% satisfied with their work – and won’t stop until this is the case.

  • Continual improvement

The KSL Connect ethos is not to rest on their laurels. The team are continually looking for ways to improve their products and services so they can stay head and shoulders above the competition and provide an industry-leading experience.

  • Fair pricing

The per-agent packages are priced clearly and transparently. KSL Connect will always be upfront about fees, so there are no hidden costs or extra charges. Prices are also benchmarked against the competition, so businesses can be sure they’re getting genuine value for money.

  • Reliability

KSL Connect understands the importance of security and compliance, and you can trust the team to make privacy a top priority. The company’s accredited systems are designed to be fully GDPR-compliant and all sensitive customer data is always securely backed-up.